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It's Time to Dance! Stop Watching/Start Dancing. Learn to dance for the first time or again. Bring your friends, make new friends, and meet old friends (Well maybe not OLD as "over-the-hill". Old as in you have seen them in a while. And not while as... NEVER MIND, I'm a wonderful, wandering, wambler).

Right now, we take lessons (a four-week course) in Houston on Sundays and Mondays which is attached to practices after. You don't need a dance partner because we rotate partners in class. In fact, we require it.

If it's your first time joining us, and/or you're a beginner, we'll actually get $20 off.

Sunday Classes - Waltz (Beginning and Int/Adv) at 4:00 / Two-Step (Beginning and Int/Adv) at 5:05: only $50/month (for one class) or $65/month (for both classes). 

Monday Classes - West Coast Swing Beginning and Intermediate 2 at 7:00 / WCS Intermediate 1 and Advanced at 8:05: also only $30/month (for one level) or $45/month (for 2 levels).

Normal charges are $50 (for one class or level) or $65 (for two classes or level). $20 off if you're visiting for the first time or a beginner.

I understand what I said here. But if you are not sure what you know is what you think you understand what it is that I understand what I think I know I said, send me a note.


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