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I created this MeetUp to bring together the fun, young, empowering & adventurous women in the area with similar interests who are open to experience new activities, workouts, adventures, etc - even if you don't know what you're doing. As long as you bring a great attitude & zero drama, you can sit with us! I prefer focusing on the activity and doing fun things, and then add on some food somewhere if it makes sense. I LOVE food (and what's a social outing without snacks, anyway?), however I'm not a beer drinker or huge wine drinker. Honestly I'd rather eat all the desserts while you have a drink :) That aside, from aerial yoga, to line dancing, rock climbing, axe throwing, hiking, salsa dancing, karaoke, self-care "spa" day with smoothie bowls, a cooking class, a chill potluck game night (enter food), popup workout in the park, book club? (maybe), etc - let's live a little & mix it up! Oh and location varies too, because I'm all over the place. From Hatfield to King of Prussia to Philly to Plymouth Meeting and Paoli.... etc.

If you have suggestions for something you'd like to do, or hear of something you think would interest the group, please do share! I am working on planning events further in advance to make this MeetUp work. I'm looking forward to meeting you and having a great time!


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