Bay Area Indians

Fremont, United States
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This is a group for anyone interested in having fun and open minded.

Goal is to tick some of To do's from the list below, but the list never gets short :) there is always more to do.

We (at least me )always in search of partners, pal, friends, coach, so you can get motivated and have fun.

Please join the FaceBook group here BayAreaIndians to connect with more like minded.

I hope to meet some crazy partners, pals, friends to do the following

Running a Marathon
Learning music instruments
Learning Dance (Salsa / Bollywood etc...)
Weight Loss / Fitness / Six Pack ABS
Making a short film
Learn to fly an aircraft
Scuba diving
Sky Diving
Driving a sports car
Riding Motorcycles
Roller skating
Learning how to shoot short range
Learning new language (Spanish,French,German etc.,)
Participating in Hackathons
Going for a Pool Party
Going for a long in Caravan
Playing Poker
Playing Golf
Volley Ball
Starting a Business
Learning new technologies
Playing video games in group
Developing an app
Travelling (Hawaii, Vegas, Mexico etc..)
Volunteering for good cause

List never ends :)


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