Argentine Tango in Aurora

Newmarket, Canada
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Argentine Tango is a partner dance that developed over the last century in Argentina's capital city, Buenos Aires. It is different from Tango in International and American ballroom dancing. Rather than focusing on showmanship as in choreographed tango, or on competition as in ballroom tango, Argentine Tango is an improvisational social dance that allows the dancers to develop a deep connection between themselves, the music, and the surroundings in which they are dancing.

Tango has become a popular dance form with thriving communities in cities all over the world who promote the dance, and organize dance socials or milongas. A milonga is a social event or location for tango dancing. Simply, milongas are Tango dance parties. People who dance at milongas are known as milongueros. When a group of people go Tango dancing, they go to a milonga.

Learning Tango is a challenge. It takes time to acquire the skills necessary to enjoy the dance. It is well worth the effort. There is no age limit for Tango. You can dance tango all your life - it is a dance that makes you feel!

Since there are limited tango dance socials or milongas in the area, this meetup was created for Tango enthusiasts who are interested in learning what Tango is about, to get out, have fun and meet new people. This club is dedicated to social Argentine Tango in all its aspects, specializing in Milonguero Style that is the characteristic style of Tango dancing in downtown Buenos Aires.

Milonguero Tango will meetup at the Trinity Anglican Church at 79 Victoria Street in Aurora. Milongas will be scheduled on Saturday nights from 8pm to 1am. It is hoped this can be ongoing with guest teachers and demonstrations. The cost to attend the Milonga is $15.

For questions or to share your suggestions or ideas, please email me. Hope to see you soon and perhaps share a dance with you! <br>

Happy dancing!


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