Argentine tango of northern Delaware

Hockessin, United States
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Singles and couples from beginner on up are welcome to join our growing tango community. We meet first Sundays at Take the Lead dance studio in Hockessin, Delaware for our "Tango Prohibido" milonga (Argentine tango dance). Abby and Andre offer an all-levels lesson at 5:30pm. General dancing goes from 6:30 to 9:30pm. Wear stylish but comfortable clothing and leather-soled shoes so that you can pivot easily (socks work too.) Snacks are provided, bar service is available.
We are teaching social dance--not to be confused with stage tango (crazy high kicks etc) or ballroom-style Argentine. This is an authentic, subtle, extremely adaptable dance form suitable for young and old alike. We hope you'll try it and come to love it (if you don't already) as much as we do! 


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Cinque Terre
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