Lets have a Blast and Dance to Rock and Roll Music

Sarasota, United States
199 Members

In this Meetup group we will  get exercise by dancing to Classic Rock music from the 70's 80's and 90's (no rap).  The music will make you want to sing and dance, and it will be our music that we play at a dance studio.   We will have no formal moves that we have to perform but we might learn fun new dance steps from  ea. other.   If you are over 55 (but of course, all ages invited) and would like to dance to Classic Rock please join us.  We will not be the kind of group that dances at bars and nightclubs.    This is an early idea and I can see it getting really fun with all the input from the group.  I have a facility for us to use but am still working out the details with logistics and music.  If you would like to join the core group working on this please let me know.  Thanks Kathryn Young.


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