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Are you a hyper-intellectual/overthinker who is often melancholy for being stuck in your head? Are you a hyper-empathetic/relentlessly loving soul who cares for everything and everyone so much you're too depleted to give yourself the same? Are you a deeply sensitive soul often rattled by superficiality and people belittling each other in ceaseless competition? Do you find safe, vast, blooming and beautiful spaces inside yourself when you listen to particular music or are  coming into contact with Your [real] Self...? Then you're our *perfect enrolment* <3

I've been establishing my Pole school's third branch, and first in Europe, here in Berlin, up in the sky overlooking lake and forest. *Every* session, whether you come alone or not, is individually-tailored, and you are taught to fly *from the inside out* as I assess what psychological triggers might be weighing you down. All these sessions are also crazy-affordable. You do *not* need any previous dance or fitness background. You are *not* too young or old, or big or small, or short or tall, or black, white, purple, green (whatever!)...but you can PM me with *any and every* query you may have any time. While our site is currently down on a huge overhaul, you can also find more about our local branch here on Meetup, and our past projects on our Facebook page.

Join drowning...come out flying  <3 My heart *sings* at the thought of meeting the great heart and mind behind *your* skills.


Radiant Greetings Pole Enthusiasts of Berlin!

I'm the founder and head instructor of the first ever school of Pole in the Eastern Cape, South Africa (and PDSASA Board Representative for the province) since 2010... We fast gained a reputation for being revolutionary, not just for our community outreach and welfare and academic and out-of-the-box public performance projects...but also for our revolutionary curriculum dissemination - leading to my students seeing the fastest gains in the shortest time (they get bored at other venues when they move).
Aaaaaaaaaaand...I now live in Berlin! And am loving spread the love here and watching your hearts and minds blossom along with your aerial skills!

Something that defines the school is accessibility. This is not just regarding physicality and culture and psychology and the like...but economically speaking as well!
In setting up shop here, I'm loving meeting you all and continuing to find out more of what's wanted and needed in the Berlin Pole scene. I love when you pick my brain about anything and everything you've ever wanted to know about the discipline, if you're new to it, or for any medical and training and unblocking advice or whatever you might have if you're already in the swing of things...and I am *veritably driven* to continue creating an awe-inspiring and unstoppable Pole Family here like the one left behind...
And, *most of all*, I love continuing to *relish* in *your* joy as you take flight...and discover you are capable of achieving things you didn't even dream you could do <3

Our Meetups here come in all shapes and sizes sounding boards to allow your opinions to shape my classes and events here yet you can celebrate and bond with your fellow Polers (and compare your "Badges of Honour", as we call them ;-) ) over you can let your hair down or take centre stage or get down some peer-to-peer learning or just good-old-fashioned get to mess around and freestyle experiment at one of our free, unstructured Pole Jam sessions...or at one of our themed party classes you might have booked for some special bride-to-be or Pole addict's birthday...
Basically anything to do with bonding with and nurturing our blossoming Pole Family...never mind for crazy, awesome or special gigs in future!
*Here's to that*!

Outside of these Meetups, we're also obviously continuing to make our classes available to the public... Keeping the schedule relatively fluid and flexible as we continue to establish and expand our operations. Empathetic students also get approached to be on our Instructor Training Program at *no additional charge*. Anyone may query further in this regard...although it is preferred you have over a year or two of practicing Pole before starting.
While we have been granted WeWork studio spaces centrally in Berlin that are being structurally assessed, and will be kicking off our weekly, informal-ish, evening classes by U Warschauer this year (2019), our main sessions continue to run in my private residence by the beautiful Muggelsee and forest of Köpenick (woo hooo - taking flight up in a great, big sky!!!). All sessions are 90min, with a maximum of 3 per class, at 5EUR per person, or 10EUR if one-on-one (although *all* sessions are always individually-tailored). These can be booked via Meetup private message, email, or WhatsApp o


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