Amicus Friendship Group Salisbury

Salisbury, United Kingdom
55 Members

Amicus Friendship is a group of Salisbury based single people . If you want to meet new friends, enjoy a varied social life that suits you, then come along to see what Amicus has to offer. Amicus Friendship Group is run by its members for its members. There is no age restriction but as a guideline 50 +. 

Organised by the members Amicus Friendship Group offers a wide variety of activities, some regular e.g. Bar Evenings, Pub Quiz, Book Club, Whist Drive, plus Meals Out, Concerts, Theatre, Dancing, Day Trips, Sunday Walks followed by lunch, and many more. We welcome ideas for a wide range of activities.

 Amicus events are only open to members. It costs £6 to join, plus £24 annual membership fee.  

However, you can come along for up to three events before making up your mind to join.

To find out more please visit, email or phone 07864 080319.


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