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Let's Dance Social!

Are you tired of the movies or cafe hopping or nuahing on a Sunday afternoon? Looking to socialize with other gay singles/couples? Let's Dance Social! your remedy to a lacklustre Sunday afternoon!

To put it simply, Let's Dance Social! is a group of fun-loving individuals seeking alternatives to the traditional gendered nuances of the partner dance scene here in Singapore. Learn ballroom and Latin dance class and be part of a vibrant new inclusive community. All skill levels are welcome. The classes will not be affiliated to any dance studio as we will try to secure the most competitive dance studio rates. This class is suitable for any individual who have little confidence with dance classes due to lack of experience or musicality. All the classes will be taught by an award winning LGBT affirming ballroom instructor.

This one-of-a-kind afternoon is perfect for couples seeking to spice things up, or to just plain have fun together! Enjoy a taste of social dance as you take your first passionate steps in a welcoming, inclusive and safe environment. Or if you are a single who would like to mingle with other like minded individual or would like pick up a skill in social dance, this group is for you! It's time to kick off your shoes and boogie!

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