Houston Zouk Meetup

Houston, United States
50 Members

Houston Zouk is a community based organization with the goal of promoting Brazilian Zouk partner dancing in the Houston area. We host dance sessions, group practicas and parties, International Zouk Day celebrations, and workshops by visiting instructors. Zouk, dubbed the dance of love, is a Brazilian partner dance known for its playful energy, endless flow, intense partner connection and sensuality. Brazilian Zouk is one of most versatile international dance, popular amongst dancers from all backgrounds and encouraging new people to join and learn Zouk. This partner dance has become a worldwide phenomenon celebrated annually during International Zouk Day every September with participation around the world. Be a part of this movement as we grow zouk in Houston and Texas!

Texas Zouk sister cities at this time: Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio. Check us out!

Facebook Group (best place for most recent zouk info):

https://sites.google.com/site/houstonzouktx/ Email:


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