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RICK ARCHER, FOUNDER OF SSQQ:  "If you are single, Dancing is without a doubt one of the simplest, most effective ways to meet people in a large city like Houston."  This is still true even in the Digital Age. We are on Facebook, too! Singles Over 50, We dance in the best places on the west-side. This is a dance group of single adults in their 50's and beyond with a wide variety of experiences and backgrounds. Our goal is to make new dance friends while enjoying the many different venues and events that the Houston area has to offer. Participate, but step forward to host a dance event! Just ask. We are members who care, and share! Come join us for dancing, fun, laughs, good times and new adventures. We are singles over 50 looking forward to meeting you! Our requirements to be a member are:
You must be Single, over 50 years of age. You must post a recent photo and complete the brief profile

You must have access to the website so that you can be up-to-date on group activities and details as well as your RSVP to an event. Things happen, but it is not OK to repeatedly RSVP and no-show.


People come up to me all the time and ask: Where can we go dancing? So here is what I know about, where do you recommend?

Sunday Afternoon: SSQQ, Free Fajitas Buffet@Wild West@4:00pm.

Monday: Dance Lessons at Chapelwood Church

Tuesday: Guzzlers@Armadillo Palace, Caps.

Wednesday: Caps, Wild West.

Thursday: Van Lang@Post Oak Grill, Armando's Restaurant, Capps, Wild West.

Friday Nights: Van Lang@Post Oak Grill, SSQQ, Sambuca, St Regis Hotel, Eddies Ballroom, Wild West. Blue Bar

Saturday: SSQQ, Anywhere the Fab 5 are Playing, Eddie's Ballroom, St Regis Hotel, Capps, Wild West. Blue Bar.


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