Rebirthing & Dancing class

Sydney, Australia
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In our fast paced, demanding and stressful lives many people avoid facing their thoughts, feelings and the relationship with their own bodies. Some are in denial of them. These suppressed emotions become the main reason for many diseases including depression, anxiety, physical issues and simply not being happy.
Re-Birthing & Dancing is a simple yet very powerful technique that combines Conscious Connected Breathing & Free Flow Movement which brings you in touch with your subconscious mind, your body and revealed suppressed feelings.
When the breathing becomes deep and calm, the mind becomes clear and calm, conscious thinking becomes passive and the subconscious mind is revealed. In this state of mind we begin to experience and release suppressed emotions.
This frees up energy, bringing with it greater aliveness and joy, allowing us to move towards fulfillment of our potential as human beings.

The class is suitable for everyone
Shy souls very welcome!

Investment 25$, Students/ Pensioners $15


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