Westchester Retro Dance Party Group

Pleasantville, United States
91 Members

Bringing together the best of social dancing and memories! Whether you are into Disco, Freestyle, R&B, Hip Hop or current Dance Music, our goal is to host periodic large scale dance parties at our authentic Nightclub Style Event Space in Pleasantville, NY.

As a former Club DJ at some of the hottest venues in Westchester during the 80's-00's, I realized that my time is now becoming more and more valuable. Although I still want to party, I'm not into going out every weekend as I used to. This group is dedicated to those who feel the same way and want come out to dance, socialize and party from time to time.

We'll also be chatting about dance music.. past, present and future!

Our motto... "When We Party... We Party LARGE!"


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