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K POP Dance Class + Chi-Mac + Club NB An opportunity to learn Korean dancing and make Korean friends.
This tour has a very good product composition compared to the price.
Do not miss a special dance tour supported by Mapo-gu office. 1. K POP Dance Class
you will learn the latest K pop dance from a professional K POP choreographer
The choreographer will show you the dance of three popular songs and you can pick one dance to learn! ✓ K POP Professional Dance Trainer : SINJI
- Broadcast Activity / Music Video
Kara, Girls Day, Minna, EXID, Tiara, Hyunmin, EXID, Stella, Lee Jun Ki
- Choreography creation
IBI, BADA, Stella 2. Let’s team battle
You will be assigned a team.
And take class and perform the dance after the class.
The winning team will receive a gift.
We will shoot a dance video for each team and send it via email.
Imagine yourself in a video dance like K-POP star! 3. Chi-mac in Hongdae!
We will enjoy 'chicken & beer', the food that Koreans love the most.
Enjoy the feeling of being a local folk sitting on the terrace and listen to the night of Hongdae.
We are going to watch street dance performances with the energetic crowds of Hongdae. 4. Enjoy Club NB
We will go to popular Hip hop club ‘Club NB’ and have a party.
Show off your dance and enjoy your time with your team.
1 free drink is available at the bar~!

If you like dancing and traveling, do not miss it.
Foreign students, tourists and workers in Korea.
Of course, Koreans are also welcome.
And please recommend it widely :)

< Sat 15.07.2017 >
Apply(Eng) : www.letsplayplanet.com/en/experience/9358679615
Apply(Eng) : https://goo.gl/Wspv6t
Apply(한글) : https://www.frip.co.kr/products/20860


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