Beginners Dance Classes Adelaide | Dance Salsa Bachata Tango

Adelaide, Australia
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Beginners Dance Classes Adelaide | Dance Salsa Bachata Tango

Learn to dance latin dancing. At 24 Dumfries Place Adelaide access via car park.

Have fun, learn something new. Dance like you always wanted.  

Dancing is:

                     A living & breathing art form
                     A visual representation of rhythmical sounds being express through your body
                     Freedom of expression
                     Intimate social interaction with another human being

- Bachata and Salsa Classes

                                          • Learn most popular dance styles with us every Thursday and Saturday. Add body movements and flair to your dancing. Become fit and get the positive energy flow. Thursdays are our Bachata days and Saturdays are for Salsa.

- Tango Class

• Passionate, fierce, strong and powerful dance. Make sure to attend Ballroom Fundamentals classes before coming in for your Tango choreography class. Enhance your dancing by adding Ballroom styles. Tuesday is your Ballroom day.

Different programs available to suit your needs. Talk to us to book a FREE consult to find the best program for YOU:

- FREE 1 on 1 Lesson x 1 (Private Lesson)

                                         •Try Your 1st Private 1 on 1 Lesson for FREE. Every one is different, group classes are great. However in a group class you have a fast person and a slow person. Your instructor will have to go at a medium pace. If you are the fast person then you will think the class is going slow. If you the Slow person you will think the class is going too fast. Private Lesson will cater to your needs in dancing and we will go at your pace. (Save $89 per casual drop in class x 1 = $89)

- FREE Wedding Dance Lesson x 1

                                        •Try a wedding dance lesson if you thinking of just got engaged or your wedding is coming up soon. The more time you give yourself the better. We are not magicians well maybe close to it. However you will be spending time together every week rather that just sitting in front of the tv or computer watching videos.

Bring all your favorite songs and we will advise you which one is the best and easiest to dance to. No obligation to continue so come and try it. 

Go to our website homepage (Dance Amor) to get your Group Classes Timetable and see all the services we provide.

Join us to experience true social dancing so you can dance and adapt to


We are the Leading Social Dancing Specialists of Adelaide!

If you feel ready to get over your feeling of awkwardness and self consciousness every time you dance with someone then this MeetUp group is for you!

If you already know how to dance and would like to help us turn absolute beginners into dance gods then this MeetUp group is for you!

Please contact us if you have any questions or want to book your First Free Lesson:

Hope to meet you at the studio soon!


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