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Hi there Shakti Fusion Lover and Passionate Dancer! <br>

Glad you joined our group. Come and attend one of our meet-ups to try out a NEW DANCE which has reached Singapore only mid of 2017. You do not need former dance experience and one thing is guaranteed: After our sessions you will feel energized and rejuvenated :-) <br>

Shakti Fusion Dances offers different dance styles to woman who are looking to not only increase their fitness but to connect body, mind and soul whilst dancing. Come to class to feel the powerful feminine energy and learn dance styles such as American Tribal Style® (ATS®), Tribal Fusion, Indian Fusion, Bellywood and Chakradance. At the moment classes are taking place @Bugis @Botanical Garden and @Clarke Quay. <br>

You are always welcome to drop in and say hello. The regular students do not sign up via Meetup anymore, not that no one is attending this group´s meetup. If you don´t see RSVP in our meetups, it is because we are happily busy with practicing Shakti Fusion Dances. <br>

ATS® is an improvised group dance where the dancers will learn slow and fast moves. All moves are Bellydance, Classical Indian Dance and Flamenco inspired. Communication happens through cues which means that there is no choreography. This dance is very empowering and increases not only the dancers movement ability but also gives peace and increased consciousness.

TRIBAL FUSION is a new dance form which has ATS® as its foundation. Dancers will study amazing choreographies which include elements of popping, locking techniques as well as beautiful fluid body movements.

INDIAN FUSION is a vivid mix of Tribal Fusion and Classical Indian Dance moves. Discover the beautiful lines and finger mudras of Classical Indian Dance as well as the Folcloric flavour from Rajasthan.

BELLYWOOD will give you an enjoyable mix of Bellydance and Bollywood. Learn how to combine sharp and smooth Bollywood steps with the gracefulness of Bellydance.

In CHAKRADANCE we explore all the 7 Chakras in our body starting from the Root Chakra and ending at the Crown Chakra whilst dancing. Guided steps of ATS® will be the path to awaken your Chakras, to feel them, increase your awareness of them and to send positive energy to all of your Chakras. Those sessions are very effective to get peace of mind and to connect with your inner-self. <br>


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