Leicester - Drinks, Dinner, Conversations etc.

Leicester, United Kingdom
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Calling all Funloving people...
Whether you're new to Leicester or been here ages... let's get all the fun people together and make the most of our time in this beautiful city...
The idea is to meet at least once or twice a month.. try some new restaurants and may be stay on for a drink or two... depending on the mood, put on some dancing shoes or may be some bowling shoes... or may be a night of comedy or live music...

Would like to keep the focus of this group to under 35's... 

I'll set up another one for meet ups suitable age groups... I'd just like to see how these go...


The following fees apply for this group.

£3 one off joining fee - includes the 1st year of membership and £3 per year thereafter. 

Please click here (or copy paste the link below) and complete the set up BEFORE submitting you join request 



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