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I will give you a better quality Meet Up experience and leave everyone better off at the end. The group is “Young Singles” (25-40ish, I mean feeling young so I won’t be checking ID’s) also with an equal number of women and men usually. I aim to have a lot of fun (Dancing, patio’s, games, pubs, bowling, drumming, girl night, guy night, etc.) combined with exercises in growth “learning and discussing” (starting a convo, physical health, dating, Spiritual health, flirting, Nutrition, business, etc.) so we can have fun and grow at the same time. 

Do you want to find people who strive to grow and improve their life? I want to provide high-quality events I am going collect $5-$10 upfront usually (although this will happen in time not right now) as a meet up fee for all my work on setting up and running events. Some will be free and some will be more if there are extra cost like concert tickets, bowling, game night, etc.). I have already arranged discounts for us so that is going to help you save on the event as well. Accountability and participation will be a core part of my meet ups. There will be no refunds 48 hours before the event and there will be a 3 strike policy for those who don't cancel 48 hours before the event.

I want to provide a comfortable atmosphere where singles can make good friends whether women or men. Then through our discussions get everyone to improve themselves creating a more complete person in you that will attract other incredible people. If a romance develops between 2 people inside the group that would make me happy too as I just want to help people.


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