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Inspired by a lot of amazing Meetupgroups all over the world I like to start something new. A Meetup for all those strangers who are coming to a new city Hamburg. Who felt or feeling rather lonely or those who already living here for ages and still curious whats out there and looking to expand your current social circles. Regardless of whether you're a local or expat, taking the time to meet new people and make new friends can be quite the experience <br>

I know this challenge all too well. Finally found my spot in Hamburg after moving like a nomade from city to city. That inspired me to start a 2-weekly meetup at my most favorite spots in hamburg. You won't see people wearing name tags at our events and there will never be an official agenda. The whole point is to come out, have fun, and make friends in Hamburg. You'll meet friendly people, be it locals, expats, tourists on vacation, and other new comers in a totally relaxed environment.

One Rule:

If you set your RVSP Status on a event with fixed booking like Restaurant or other venues to "YES" but you are not able to attend, then change it to "NO". CHANGES NEED TO BE TAKEN MINIMUM ONE DAY BEFORE THE EVENT STARTS: IF YOU CAN'T CANCEL IN TIME OR YOU SIMPLE DO NOT SHOW UP, WE WILL REGISTER THAT AS A NO SHOW. AFTER 3 NO SHOWS YOU WILL BE DELETED FROM THE GROUP. <br>

Oh, and make sure you join our FB Group!

We have a WhatsApp Group as well: --> This link has been Revoked due of massiv spaming (28.03.2019)

We also have a Whatsapp Salsa Dance Group: --> This link has been Revoked due of massiv spaming (28.03.2019)

If you like to be part of our Whatsapp Groups then send me a PM with your Mobile Number and I will send you the Link personally.

We will meet occasionally for Salsa Events without creating Meetups!



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