Beginner Salsa Dance Lessons

New York, United States
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This Group is for people who always wanted to learn how to dance salsa but didn't know where to begin. We offer affordable classes that are cycle-based. The cycles run for 12 weeks and each week's material is based on a syllabus. Each class teaches you the next logical step in the learning process and we practice it thoroughly and review it the next week. That way, even if you missed one class, you will be able to catch up. Unlike other places, we do not charge you ahead of time. That is, you pay as you go. If you take 1 class, you pay for that class, period. this way, you do not have to pay if you missed one class. Our classes are affordable and offer a longer duration for the price. We teach Salsa on2, New York Style, which is what is danced in New York city and other places. So come out and finally learn how to dance salsa. It is great exercise, stress-relieving, educational, and incredibly fun.


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