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This meet-up is for those who love to express themselves through singing and or dancing.  Having music flow through our bodies and vocal chords is our divine right...a gift that comes with being alive!

You can expect safe environments where all levels are welcome and judgment or expectations are just not part of our play.  With the type of singing and dancing to be experienced through this meet-up group, our soul's essences are released, expression is opened, true joy occurs and non-denominational spiritual connection is fostered, as well as beautiful authentic connections with others. 

Participation over just spectatorship is an important key to enlivening, healing, and life expansion, that has taken place over the centuries in indigenous cultures. Our culture is geared more toward performers and spectators but with our events you have the opportunity here to fully participate.  Please come and join us in any of these singing and dancing participatory events

If you offer any events that fit into this description please contact me so I can support you in posting on this meet-up.  

Whether you facilitate or participate, we look forward to singing or dancing with you soon!

Joy Freeman


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