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Whether you're a high flying corporate executive, an aspiring salsa dancer, a visiting american cheerleader, a weekend super model, an olympic swimmer, or living in London from a Sanctioned country with an exotic name, get your training attire out of the closet and join us in Hyde Park with a crew of upbeat and high energy people! 

Start 2018 with fit mind and fit body. https://vimeo.com/229105691

Join us if it’s like minded people you want to meet, If it's a summer beach body you’re after or you simply want to see the amazing sites of Hyde Park.
No matter what your reason you will be welcomed by positive energy and open minded individuals. What to expect: an hour of fun and well thought out dynamic body weight exercises. What’s included: following a thorough warmup we begin our short runs and HiiT workouts within desigated areas of Hyde park. What does it really mean: Steady Cardio mixed with explosive sprints, body strength HiiT training, group workouts, followed by a warm down of yoga and mindfulness. By the end of the class you have worked your entire body (and made new friends). You can push yourself according to your fitness level. We never point out any individuals but instead motivate the whole group to push further.

We welcome everyone in our group. We run (slow pace) between HiiT stations. We always show options for our exercises from easy option to enhanced and difficult form of the same move.

Bring a friend and let’s grow our tribe. Now for the finer details.....

When: Every Sunday 11AM Meeting spot:

Where:  Meet near Marble Arch close to the Green Horses head -  copy this code in google:  GR7R+6C

Exact Location ( click on the link)


Closest station: Marble Arch (Central Line)

What to bring: light comfortable backpack (to run with):
water, hand gloves (floor exercises), extra top to change into (at the end) make sure there is room for for great attitude and positive vibes :)

Note: we are not stationary so you will need to carry what you bring

Finish at: The gate by Queensway Station. We then head to Urban Baristas for healthy refreshment and Brunch (Next to Queensway Station). They serve the best coffees and super delicious menu.

We sometimes finish by Albert Memorial and head to WholeFoods.

We post the exercise program on our Facebook and Instagram page. Make sure to check it out:





We can all achieve more by exercising together. Urban Tribe is about Connecting People Outdoors.

Looking forward to see you next Sunday :)

Now the boring stuff:

Attending any bootcamp session is absolutely at your own risk. We accept no responsibility or liability for any loss, injury or damage arising in any way.


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