IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO - Enjoy Relationships in London

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This group is for men and women who are in the relationship and are looking for ways to create more excitement, joy ad deeper connection with each other. This is also for men and women who are single and are searching to re-discover themselves and learn new skills. 

This is what you'll find here: 

• A community of people that you can make friends with

• A safe space to share and relate to others

• A space to practice skills that will build your confidence, awareness and freedom to be yourself

• A space where you can learn about Argentinian tango and perhaps discover a new passion of yours  

What you will learn: 

• Be more confident in your communication and conversations

• Be more true to yourself

• Ability to create harmony and joy in your relationship

• Ability to be with another in a different, more confident, more fulfilling and loving way. 

• To find source of graciousness, forgiveness, and kindness within yourself. 

• Learn practical strategies that you can use every day 

How do we do this?

By combining relationship workshops with tango lessons!

Yes really - each event will include:

a workshop or presentation (including guest speaker), 

AND a tango dance lesson

The workshop is the theory...the tango lesson is the practice.

How will learning tango help me in relationships?

Tango is more than just a dance. It's a way to learn about relationships in a practical way.

Think about this - when dancing you have to:

• communicate 

• listen 

• lead or follow

• respond to another

• seek for synchrony

• be present for your self and for another

• enjoy the moment together

• be self-aware

• be ready to lose judgement and preconceptions

• be able to improvise and re-create 

• approach with curiosity and interest

• find balance between playful and serious

These are all essential to creating a long-lasting relationship.

So come along and join us to practice new skills and make new friends

About Ieva: 

Hello my name is Ieva, I am a relationship coach and a tango teacher. My purpose is to help couples live their life with love, joy and deep connection for each other regardless of everyday struggles. I provide them with tools, so they communicate with each other better. I guide them to find their vitality, passion and enjoyment – something we can lose when overwhelmed by life’s challenges.

My approach stems from my own journey exploring body and mind connection through Tango. For me, practising tango is a gentle enquiry into your body, mind and soul that enables you to get to know yourself and in relation to the other. Tango has helped me to understand myself better and expanded my capacity to love and appreciate everything and anybody around me. It has been my road to happiness and I am thrilled to share this with you.

About James: 

My name is James D’Souza, and I help single women avoid the players and escape those man-boys destined for the friend-zone to attract a great guy, so that they can share their life with a quality someone.


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