Blues Music Is In My Soul

Cork, Ireland
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If someone had told me (Mike) 5 years ago that I’d even be dancing, let alone teaching dance, I’d have laughed at the idea. I had only a superficial knowledge of blues music, had never attended a single dance class, nor had even heard of Blues Dance!

However, life works in mysterious ways and somehow led me on a journey of 40+ blues dance events in 19 cities across 11 countries (and counting!)

Cork has an 'Out of this World' Music Scene... there is so much amazing talent music wise in this city! However, what gets my inner mojo working best, is whenever there is a blues, soul or funk band playing.

We (Mike & Laura) have lots in store to share with ye… Dance Classes, going to Blues Gigs & many more super fun & friendly events in store! So, join our Meetup and discover the Rebel Blues community in beautiful Cork City!

All are welcome!! No experience or knowledge needed to join just bring your ears and big positive smiles !!!Blues is for everyone…so spread the word! :)

If you want more info this is our link to our FB Page (Rebel Blues) where many of the events get posted first.



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