Dallas Creativity Meetup-Grown Folks' Play Date

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Let’s have a fun, creative, getaway from adulthood for a couple of hours Saturday night! We’ll aim to meet every last Saturday of each month, get together and PLAY! We’ll drink wine, eat snacks, tap our inner (or outer!) creative spirit, make new friends, relieve the stress from the week and sink into an oasis your inner child will LOVE! You’ll leave feeling empowered, connected, and relaxed!

Do you have any of these Grown Folks’ thoughts?
“I don’t want to ‘adult’ today--except...well...I’ll have a glass of wine, thank you very much!”
“Dangit. I just want to play!”
“No drama zone!”
“I think creative people are cool!”
“Can we keep it light just for a bit? I need a break!”
“I like to doodle!”
“Sometimes, I just wanna let my hair down and shake my moneymaker!”
“I really miss the Karaoke life. <wistful look>”

"I LOVE singing harmonies with people"

If any of those thoughts rang true for you, then we need to meet! 

Typical Activities (ALWAYS over wine and snacks!)
The first meetup is all about drawing your stress away. What does that involve? Zentangles with a twist, baby! (Zen what?!) 

Zentangles is a relaxed art-form that is known to provide clarity, focus, and general well-being. And - it’s SUPER FUN! The good news about this is that there are NO prerequisites. I’ll show you exactly what to do, and then you’ll be free to play! This will be great fun, you’ll love it! Materials are included, so you just need to show up. Be about that Zen life but still be chatty, “laughy,” and creative. :)

Other meetup gatherings could include dancing one night...or play dough another...or...singing...or…whatever we want to do!

The main goal at each of these meetings is to tap your creative spirit, become more empowered, and more important: FEEL GOOD in every way during and afterwards.


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