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Birmingham, United Kingdom
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Calling all ladies that love dancing.

Why not come along to a beginner's Bhangra/Bollywood/Giddha Dance class or alternatively audition to join my group rehearsal dance classes. Both take place every Monday evening in Kingstanding, Birmingham.

The Beginner's class is from 6:45 - 7:45 PM and the Advanced Group rehearsal class is from 7:45 - 9:30 PM. The dance styles incorporate traditional Bhangra cultural folk music and dancing from the Punjab (North India) with Bollywood, a modern Indian style incorporating classical and folk dance with the occasional Latino and Arabic influences. It is a modern Asian Dance that links traditional feminine movement with powerful dance rhythms and fantastic beats. The dance attracts women from all walks of life, which proves beneficial when performing on various platforms as dance is indeed very much a universal language. A good sense of rhythm, co-ordination and fitness helps, as this is an energetic dance workout. The new style allows beginners to develop their dance technique and coordination, as well as to work on flexibility, rhythm and confidence.

In the advanced group class; dancers adopt a new dance style paying particular attention to hand movements, grace, poise, technique as well as expression.


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