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I am coordinating a series of uber-fun dance classes for those of you who hate the gym but love to dance. Wouldn’t it be great to finally enjoy your workout. Wouldn’t it be awesome to lose those pounds by this summer or even this Spring?? What makes these dance classes so fun is that they will be choreo-based. In other words, it won’t be like doing regular exercise like lunges and push-ups to music (yuck), it will be actual dance choreography that is fierce and fun. We will dance to songs that we all love from artists including Beyonce, Ciara, Chris Brown, Usher and a few of my favorite Soca and Reggae artist. The dances will be simple and very easy to follow with a lot of repetition. Classes will start the last week in February. As we are functioning as a pop-up dance studio, please let me know what area you are from so that we can find a location that is accommodating. Also, please let me know if you are available during the day, evenings or on the weekends. You can be as specific as you want in terms of your availability. The plan is to meet several times a week so that we can really get that body tone and bangin’! Slay Dance Fitness.


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