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Our Motto: -All things FUN – good times in Perth!


This group is for anyone who would like new friends! We  are a group of dynamic, fun-loving people who really LIVE LIFE! This group is Multi-aged and Multicultural and is for the young and young at heart,  (20’s-30’s and 40-s-50’s, 60's and 70's+). We LOVE life! Its for having fun! We have a huge range of social, musical, arts, business, fitness, relaxation, sports, adventure and adrenalin activities. Are you single? A couple? A  family? Then this group is for YOU! Are you a local, a visitor, new to town or an expat? Then we welcome you!  If you are looking for new friends, entertainment, great conversation, laughter, networking, learning or health and fitness events or dancing, then we are the group for you!

We aim to be one of the most active groups in Perth and everyone is invited to suggest and host meetups, or find friends and venues that can help put on great events.

Where we differ from other groups is that our members enjoy life without the need for lots of alcohol. This group is for social drinkers and low - or no - alcohol drinkers. We have a huge range of activities, check out the panel on the left hand side of the home page. We love music, - live events, concerts, gigs, folk, acoustic and  festivals. We like food! All sorts – fine dining, pub food, picnics, BBQs and brunches, meals and coffee. We really enjoy dancing and partying and nightlife, markets and arts and events and performances. We absolutely excel at chilling out in hammocks and on the beach, watching the waves and the sunrise or sunset, swimming, body surfing and on occasions diving, sailing and kayaking, its an awesome ocean and river we have!

We love to be physical –fitness, running, hiking, adventure sports, dog walking, frisbee, kayaking and camping…with the occasional rodeo, motorbike ride, country festival and holidays away. Of course we gotta do the right thing too, so we have many members interested in healthy living, green living, sustainable community, nutrition and spirituality. We have or will have yoga, meditation, and Qi Gong, and we cant go past some sunset and star gazing.

Our event hosts are friendly and smiling and will make sure you are included. Our view is its all about the members and having fun while respecting other individuals. If you would like to run an event let us know via the suggested events box or via message. Our Meetups will be clearly marked as to location, and easy to find. No more wasted outings (we hope!).

Photography, we encourage it! We love seeing photos of ourselves in weird and wonderful flagrante delicto! (had to check the spelling on that one!) and we love the beauty of nature. We like photos of flowers and puppies and waves and babies too, if we saw them at the meetup! Post as many photos as you can but save the embarrassing ones, you may need them in self-defence if they get a good one of you doing something you may not wish your mum to see! Bonus brownie points for great photography and prompt posting of photos.

Rules – nah, surely not? Well we are a pretty irreverent lot, we don’t like rules! Respect is our foundation. Abuse that and we might get annoyed! So unlike other sites, you don’t need a photo of you, but a photo of something so we can recognise your acceptance is good (stillettos, dolphins etc),  I mean, have you ever recognised someone from meetup via their photo?? Never! Hands up those who have been embarrassed saying to astonished people 'are you from Meetup? Noooo,  are YOU from Meetup?' Having said that, given the nature of the group, you are responsible for any plus ones you bring with you, we expect reasonable, courteous, ethical behaviour. Oh yeah, there is a rule, drunkenness won’t be tolerated. End of story. This is not a dating site, though undoubtedly many are single and life is life, but heavy ‘hitting on’ is not cool. Members need to feel safe. Please bring problems to the organisers, posting about it ain’t great either.

We also have a  policy of 3 strikes. Its easy to RSVP yes to an event, click 'Yes', but if you do not turn up to an event without changing your RSVP to 'no', or posting a very good excuse (eg the dog ate my phone, lol), we will warn you, then on the third time remove you, because it is discourteous to other members and the event hosts. Please only RSVP yes to events you are coming to.


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