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Melbourne, Australia
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Welcome to your new experience in ARGENTINIAN TANGO !!!

Tango classes   beginners or basic  and intermediate level.

Classes will  cover some history  or customs  of  tango,  

In the Basic  ( or first session)  you learn the techniques , actions of the leader and response of the female following such signals ,  exercises for connection,balance ,timing , direction on the dance floor , and more .

In the intermediate ( Second session ) you put it all together.

and you will practice with everyone to benefit from  the experience of others 

An friendly environment  with lots of fun, come alone or with a partner .

you will get exposed to the different styles of tango that developed through the century old tradition

If you enjoy learning and socialising then this is for you !!! 

Tango can be practised by all ages people over 80 are doing it

latest research shows that dancing keeps you young and healthy ( Documentary on ABC )

Students are from all walks  of life and professions even international students have attended these classes 

Most of all, its fun, come and give it a try you'll be pleasantly surprised by the friendly environment  and the expertise of the teacher Tomas Melgarejo !!!

Tomas is respected by his peers invited continually to all Melbourne events public and private ( The list is too long ) ......... he is also friend with Elena Gardes ( book author ) niece of Carlos Gardel (Tango Singer or the father of tango )

Fees are set by the teacher Tomas call him  0431 037 786 

there are two  tango classes one at 3pm another at 4 pm

prior to that 1pm Salsa  ( basic )

2 pm Bachata if you are interested

Tomas was Nmr #1 Salsa teacher for 10 years in Argentina before moving to Australia )

Argentinian Tango !!!


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