Bucket lists for Canberrans!

Canberra, Australia
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Is there still a lot of things on your bucket list that you haven't done yet? Salsa dancing, hot air ballooning, skydiving, bowling, eating a 3 kg hot dog... you name it... Put in suggestions and once a month we will gather a group and tick off the items on our lists. They say a new year a new you, I say, a new year, do all what you want to do. How many items did you tick off last year? If you're like me you wouldn't mind that number increasing this year. So lets do it together and tick off 12 bucket list items this year!

Important Disclaimer: Bucket list for Canberrans is a social group for like-minded individuals to come together and do some activities together. The group and its organizers are only for responsible for scheduling and organizing an event which includes publishing the event information on the portal (meetup.com) and clarifiying queries. The acitvities that will be posted on this group may include extreme sports or activities which may involve danger and risks. The risks include physical injuries to even death (for e.g. in activities like Sky Diving). The organizers will most likely be doing the adventure sports through various agencies. The organizers are not responsible for doing any background checks on these agencies. The organizers can not be held responsible for any injuries or any losses of any kind (including life). Members are urged to do take a decision for themselves and understand the risks involved with the event they are going to participate in. They are required to do their own checks on the agency, group members, logistics, route etc. needed for the completion of the event and decide what is best for them. Members can always withdraw from an event if they are not feeling comfortable to perform an activity, however, the fee for the same may or may not be refunded (fully or partially) depending on when the attendee decides to withdraw from the event. It will be on the discretion of the agency.
The members of this group are required to read and understand the above disclaimer.
Now, the fun part, despite the risks involved in the some of our bucket list items, this group will try its best to make the environment extremely friendly and encouraging for its members to reach their goals. 


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