SWANKS Rock! (Single Women And No Kids)

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Welcoming All SWANKS! (Single Women and No Kids)

BEFORE READING ANY FURTHER...You must be a WOMAN to join this group. THIS IS  NOT A DATING GROUP. SORRY MEN. Ladies who are in relationships but not married and do not have children are welcome too. :) 

Are you tired of staying at home trying to figure out how to meet other amazing like-minded ladies to hang out with? Are you tired of people asking you why you never had children? Are you tired of staying at home alone on weekends thinking about what your couple friends are doing...without you? Are you tired of not getting invited to fun things like dinners and outings because you don't have another half? Or are you tired of going to Meetups that involve speed dating and uncomfortable conversations with the opposite sex? Well, you can STOP waiting to be fabulous!! You are already fabulous and there's nothing wrong with hanging out with other fabulous ladies like yourself. 

I am calling all SWANKS...Single Women And No Kids. And do you know what ladies?? SWANKS ROCK!!! All of you SWANKY ladies deserve to show your fabulous selves to the world...not to your flat screen, sofa, cat or canine every night. No matter your age, you can now have a safe place to meet other ladies from many facets of life, learn new things, have new experiences and see new places. Life is short and we SWANKIES need to get out there and soak it in. You shouldn't have to lament over experiencing life on your own or not at all. As we all know, as we get older it's hard to meet new people. That's why making memories with fabulous friends and quality women has to be better than doing it all by yourself or not at all! 

What story will you tell your couple friends...about the night you binged on Gilmore Girls or the night you went out with a bunch of fabulous SWANKIES?? We welcome SWANKS from all parts of the Chicago area. We'll even venture into the big city and beyond our Chicago borders for some rockin' experiences

So, if you're a SWANK..you ROCK!! SWANKS ROCK meets at least monthly and I am open to suggestions on what kind of experiences will fill you up! Is it a simple wine tasting, a yoga retreat or a salsa dancing night? Maybe it's a holiday gathering, a charitable event or something you've just always wanted to try. Do you have a bucket list or what I call a "list of fabulousness?" Maybe we can help rock that list and we all can be a part of the fun. And we all need good girlfriends in our lives!

Let 2018 be the year you stop waiting to be fabulous!

Join our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/rockinswanks/ or visit our blog at www.swanksrock.com.

Get your SWANK on!!  

Hugs! Laura 

***All events will vary in cost as will locations. 


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