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Feeling Unfit?

Hate The Idea Of The Gym?

Bored Of Your Normal Routine?

Like The Idea Of Feeling Fitter, Happier And Healthier By Having Fun Dancing In A Group Class?

Want To Spend Your Evening Doing Something That You Enjoy and Makes You Feel Good?

Book your FREE taster class with Imogen at Zumba NXG by going to ---> imogenlees.zumba.com/free-class

***There are limited number of free spaces left this month, book now so you don't miss out!***

In your free taster class you will:

-Get a fun full body work out

-Get some time for yourself to escape your day-to-day

- Do something good for yourself

–Meet some friendly welcoming people

- Burn 100s of calories

- Learn fun new routines

-Realise that being co-ordinated is not a requirement and that there is zero judgement on whether or not you get the moves "right"

- Discover a new hobby

-Feel motivated and energised by the awesome atmosphere of working out and dancing in a group

-Get a big boost of endorphins

Not sure what to expect? 

Tamsin came for a free taster class and this is what she had to say in February this year:

"I gained quite a bit of weight since about September, and then Christmas was pretty horrendous. So from January I was not very fit at all and a bit pudgy. I was quite nervous to come, luckily I came with a friend so felt a bit more confident. I’ve always loved dancing. Honestly its been the best thing that’s happened to me all year so far. I think the part of me that aches the most is my jaw from smiling. Its so much fun, SO MUCH FUN! I love it so much! I’ve lost about a stone since I started in January so I’m really happy with that. And I’ll keep coming regardless of whether I want to lose weight or not because its just amazing!"


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