Mississauga Ballroom and Latin Dance Meetup

Mississauga, Canada
519 Members

Enter the World of Ballroom Dance! This is a group for anyone interested in fun, sharing knowledge, and learning to Ballroom and Latin dance. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming to all who venture out to any Wednesday group lessons and Friday evening group lessons & dance practices. 

People of all levels and ages are in attendance. Attendance is with or without a partner. Wednesday evenings feature the Smooth dances the first hour and Rhythm dances in the second hour. Each month features a different dance in the Friday evening group lessons. Anyone is welcome to attend all or just a few Wednesday and Friday evenings. 

All music is provided by a licensed and insured professional DJ. If you are seeking a fun, relaxed, and knowledge filled evening, yes, there is lots of dancing, then join this group and participate and begin your journey into the World of Ballroom Dance!


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Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre