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This is the place for you, if you like short holidays to do various activities such as outdoors/nature hiking, road trip, camping, shopping, walking, dancing, socializing, and many more. You can join this group as a member or an assistant organizer. As an assistant organizer, you enjoy putting trips together for business or hobby. You contact me for further information to become an assistant organizer.  

I call our group members fun-she-he, it means any women men of all ages are welcome.  I do not put people in age categories.  Whether you are 80 or 20, so long we share the common interests, e.g. hiking, camping, travelling, dining, dancing, laughing, talking, playing cards, etc, and that we are able to have fun.  Let us not to judge people base on their age and put restriction on who you are allowed to hang out with, by doing so, you miss out so much in life, the fun.   My definition of fun is:  a good connection with good people, with good intention to laugh and be well mind body.  

Your profile requires a picture showing your face if you plan to participate in our events.  The event organizers reserve the rights to prohibit your participation if your profile has no picture.

Please use your real name for profile - some people like using fake names and at the end these fakes names cause confusion.  Be free to be yourself.  The best way to connect with people is the truth. 

Fun Getaways organizers reserve the right to select whoever they see fit from the waiting list, to participate in an event.  

Once you get selected to participate in an event, you must update your RSVP if there is a change of plan.  You sign up and you must show up.  3 times of No-show will ban you from future participation.

When you sign up for a weekend trip, you must prepare to provide your email address for trip planning and the email address must be one that your check email regularly.

Please note : The organizers of Fun Getaways, are not liable to anything bad happen to you, mentally or physically during your participation of the event.  Once you get selected to participate an event, it means you accept this disclaimer. 

Yours truly

Grace Yong - Owner of Fun Getaways


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