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Porthcawl, United Kingdom
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Porthcawl Pals have now been running since April 2017. We are interested in meeting people for coffee (including alcohol), lunch, evening meals and live music evenings out, hopefully with a little dancing. Anne and myself are interested in meeting people from Porthcawl and immediate area. We are retired and semi retired but very young at heart.

Please note that all events will be in Porthcawl and immediate area so please ensure you have the means to travel to events. A small membership charge was introduced from 1st September 2017 to fund the website. This is £2.00 per year. Please pay into Porthcawl pals Lloyds Account 6062 sort code 30-67-34. All payments made into this account must have a reference which is the name as you are known in your profile so that the payment can be married to the correct Pal. As of 22nd January, guests would be expected to pay 50 pence for attendance at each event. Obviously, they will have the option of joining the group formerly at £2.00 annually.

When there is a charge for events, payment must be received by the final date or the Pal will be excluded from the event. Payments or deposits for events will not be refunded should the Pal not attend unless another Pal takes their place.

If anyone would like to suggest an event, please do so. It maybe that Anne and I would not be able to host all types of events so anyone who would like to host as event (maybe something on the sporty side), please let us know. We can then look into it and check if anyone would be interested.


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