45 MOB fun people enjoying live music at local pubs

Oakville, Canada
1169 Members

Are you roughly in your 40's or 50's and enjoy getting out for a fun night of live music dancing, relaxing, and enjoy life with other fun locals? Singles, couples we don't discriminate :) we just want to go out and enjoy a fun evening out in local pubs to discover some of the great small club bands we have in this area.
FYI - we won't be going out to see techno pop DJs at pick up joints meant for younger crowds... we will leave that scene for others lol

Other events and activities may also be organized based on group input and ideas, so send me your ideas! Your input is welcome to help make this a dynamic and democratic group! if you know a good band or venue, please let me know and we can see about organizing a night out around your input!

As we are all responsible, respectful, community minded upstanding members of society, please always be respectful to all, and you are your own liquor control board! 

Have fun, smile and enjoy life to the fullest! :)


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