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Join us in our sessions where, even if you don't have previous experience you will learn new dances, meet new friends, enjoy music and culture. Solo travelers, passers-by, locals, we are looking forward to welcoming you. Don't hesitate!!!

We meet practically every Sunday from 4pm to 7pm at The Cobblestone (back room), and frequently we do special events with live music and thematic workshop with guest teachers. Check our event for updated info.

About Balfolk Dublin - We are an inclusive and diverse group of folk dance enthusiastic from all around the world. The idea is to meet people, move, share dancing skills and have fun. The repertoire is mainly from: France (Brittany/Auvergne/Gascony/Poitou), Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Poland, Macedonia, Moldova, Israel, Estonia, Greek, Sweden.

You can expect group dances in line, circle, mixer and also couple dances.

e.g. Chapelloise, Mazurka, Circle Circassian, Valse, Hassapiko, Sbrando, Repasseado, Schottish and many more...

Come as you are! recommended comfortable shoes and clothes.

Suggested donation of 5€, which help us to develop the group.

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Additional information:

Balfolk - dancing to folk music has been gaining popularity since the 1970’s. The traditional dances come primarily from the French tradition, with additions from all parts of Europe. Although there are similarities, the dances of Balfolk are not the same as the dances danced by traditional groups. Balfolk dances are generally based on simple traditional choreographies and have a simple base, which makes learning the dances easy for everyone. Refined movements are not the main concern, improvisation is more common.


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