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Why not take a few lessons and add dance floor ninja to the list of qualifications on your CV?

Salsa is hugely popular with good reason. The music is infectious – it's impossible to listen to Latin beats and not want to get up and join in – and it's relatively easy to learn. It works for all levels of ability and allows you to incorporate your own moves alongside the standard dance manoeuvres.

Salsa lessons are a great place to meet new people. You can go alone or with a partner and you don't need to dress up – though most men wear a shirt and trousers, as they allow better movement than jeans. The core of salsa comes from, well, your core, and as the male, you must set the pace and the rhythm of the dance.

If you’re not much into dancing, you may feel a bit out of your comfort zone at first. But most people find they go once and don't want to stop. And while you can burn more than 400 calories an hour salsa dancing, the chief recommendation is that it's such fun. Unlike more formal, Strictly-style dances, it's entirely permissible to swap partners several times during a dance – which means you get to dance with partners of differing heights and styles, learning as you go.

As a form of exercise, salsa is one of the most effective types of dance, improving balance, strength, flexibility, muscle tone and stamina. And it's highly aerobic once you get going.

It’s natural to be nervous but a good instructor will ensure that you're matched with partners who suit your abilities and take you through the basics until you're comfortable free-styling.

You have nothing to lose but your inhibitions!


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