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Welcome to London Weekend Walks

If you're looking for short weekend walks in London (approx. 2 hours at a steady pace) then this group is for you. My walks are open to all, they are interesting and fun and offer you a chance to socialise with new people and see more of London. Walks will go ahead whatever the weather so if it's raining please do wear appropriate clothing. Most walks will be on pavements so won't be muddy. Some will be through parks.

Our walking pace is leisurely and I explore different and interesting parts of London - and always end in a good pub for an optional post-walk drink for those of you who'd like to stay and socalise after the walk.

Open to all. All ages - all abilities. Children are very welcome and dogs are welcome too (at no cost).

All walks will start and end near a tube station so are easy to get to and depart from. I make a small charge per person for each meetup event (payable in cash at the start of the meetup - usually £4 per walk) to cover my expenses, tax and time in organising the meetup.

I also have a WhatsApp broadcast list so you can receive a single message via WhatsApp around a week before a walk is coming up. This is not a group so you won't receive endless messages, nor can other people reply to the list or see your mobile number. It is a simple list and when a walk is coming up I send out a message via WhatsApp to advise everyone of the walk details. If you'd like to join this list please send a message to me (Kumar) via the Meetup website or app with your mobile number. 

So if you want to have some fun, see more of London, socialise, chat to other people, get some exercise and go on nice walks in London then join us. Please ensure you attend at least one walk in six months as inactive members will be removed.

By attending a walk on this Meetup group you confirm that you agree to, and accept, all the Terms stated at

Feel free to bookmark so you can navigate back to this group easily in the future.

I look forward to seeing you on one of my walks soon.


Organiser for London Weekend Walks


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