The Calgary Black Connection

Calgary, Canada
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Hello Newcomers;

Welcome to the Calgary Black Connection Group. The purpose of this group is to be a central-hub for all members of the Afro-descents family; namely Africans; Afro-Caribbeans; Afro-Latins; Afro-Americans; and Afro-Brazilians! HOWEVER THIS IS NOT A BLACK EXCLUSIVE GROUP AT ALL; FEEL FREE TO JOIN IN ANY OF OUR ACTIVITIES IF YOU HAVE INTEREST OR WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE VARIETIES OF CULTURES MENTIONED EARLIER. 

Lets get together; network; go out for events; and get to know each other. Members are free to create any event to that effect or host talks you feel relevant and constructive to the group. 

We are meeting on various occasions on this group for a variety of events; also just keep an eye on our sister meetup group that is mainly for professional gatherings!

RULES: No Rude Comments; No Bigotry; No Racial nor Religious Bashing. No Un-constructive Over-negative Victimization...Positive and Uplifting Ideas; Cooperation; Strategies; Legacy; Fun Activities are Welcomed!! 

You might find your Doctor; Lawyer; Babysitter; Dance Night; Restaurant; Church; or simply some new Friends here. 

PS: Join our whatsApps group for live interaction with members. 

TXT 4o3 6o4 5734; Name; Country of Origin; Profession; Hobbies to be added to our WhatsApp Group

In case our texting is too have an option to mute the group for 8hr.

....Welcome on board!


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