Twin Cities Ballroom Swing Salsa Dance Connection

Minneapolis, United States
1363 Members

The Twin Cities Ballroom Swing Salsa Dance Connection MeetUp will be a little different than most MeetUp Groups. It mostly will serve as a sort of "Central Casting" for Twin Cities Area Dance events. Most MeetUps scheduled will not have an organizer in attendance. There will be no particular person who will be facilitating introductions or connections of the YES RSVPs from this MeetUp. Instead the goal is to make members of the Twin Cities Dance community aware of Dance events around town. Allow them to show interest in events with RSVPs and facilitate their own connections and introductions with others while attending.

The MeetUp will principally focus on partner dancing events, but expect a few performance events to find their way onto the event list as well. Members who RSVP will be able to leverage each other to find Dance Partners or maybe even coordinate buying tickets together for a performance event using the Comment section or the MeetUp Forum.

As a side effect of this "no organizer" format, expect overlapping events. When I have organized for other MeetUps I have been careful not to post conflicting events. For this MeetUp I am going to try to give a comprehensive list of dance options and not worry if the schedules overlap.


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