Bolly2Holly Fusion Dance Group

Pleasant Hill, United States
297 Members

Bollywood and Hollywood Fusion

For moreUPBEATians dancing is an obsession. It’s their life. They are BORN TO DANCE!

This versatile and talented dance group was formed with one idea, putting passion first and everything else second. As Constanze said, dancing is like dreaming with your feet! moreUPBEAT dance artists live and breathe Bollywood and connect their soul to each piece of the dance.

moreUPBEAT performers specialize in Bollywood fusion. They combine elements of Hip-hop, Salsa and Belly dance. They interlace performances with the deep roots of traditional folk and classical dance forms such as Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Rajasthani, Raas/Garba and Bhangra.

moreUPBEAT was founded by Ritu Singh, their creative director, to give dancers from every background, race and culture, a stage where they can enjoy being who they are and show the world how they paint a picture with their smile, attitude, and expressions combined with dance movements. 

moreUPBEAT’s ultimate ambition is to give passionate dance artists the platform they need to unleash their talent and transform into amazing artists and performers. moreUPBEAT’s dance artists have motivated many dancers to build confidence, improve their dancing & performance skills and impress everyone with their hidden or untold talent.

Start your transformation today. Join the moreUPBEAT team! 

We offer special beginner and advanced classes for professional dancers. We are always looking to hire good passionate dancers for our professional dance troupe as well.

So whether you are a beginner or an advance dancer, come on by and we will make sure you to give you a unique experience of fun filled dance!


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