Spring Run Series - > Central Park Fun Run & Beer! 🍻

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       New Year - New You! 2019

*** Our Featured Event! ***

Today, Sunday, March 24th, is Our Get Revved Up for Spring Fun Run 🏃 & Then Drinks! 🍻 

      Don't miss the fun - Join us!     

    Join our Group and RSVP Now 

                Get Revved Up! 

Now that Spring is here, there's no better motivation than running with a group. 

Stay Motivated or like Too Many People, you'll Gain 10 Pounds of Fat this year! 

Join us and members from other groups at Our Spring Run Series - Central Park Fun Run 🏃 & Then Drinks! 🍻  

              Join Us As We Run 

        And Then Go For Drinks! 

After we run and get our metabolism into high gear, we'll go for drinks, socialize, and reward ourselves for our efforts! 

Get Going - Get Tough - 

Get Results! 

Reach Your Goals - Look Great - Feel Great 

Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life In 2019

Make A Commitment To Achieve Your Goals! 

There is often a big gap between our good intentions and our actions.

- The Dalai Lama   

Want To Run A Marathon In 2019?

A Half Marathon?

A 5K Race?  

Or - Do You Just Want Motivation

To Get In Great Shape?  

- Motivation - 

The Difference Between Busting Your Ass

Or Just Scratching It. 

Our group is a group of runners, of all running abilities, from beginners to regular runners, who work in mostly professional fields.

Great people to run and to socialize with.      

Group Organizer:

I'll be wearing a black DGA (Director's Guild of America) baseball hat and I have blond hair. 

That's me in the center:    

There Will Be A Place To Keep Your Stuff While We Run     

For New Members:

It's cool if you're not a speedy runner. You won't be the only one.  Plus, after just your first run with us, the run and the running tips, will make you a better and faster runner.   

After we run, and get our metabolism into high gear, we'll go to a nearby cool bar and reward ourselves for our efforts. 🍺 🍷 🍹  

They have good food and drinks that are inexpensive and tasty. 🍮 🍗 ☕ 🍔 🍵 🍕🍯    

At every run, we always get a whole  bunch of new members who join us  and add to the mix. 

If you have any questions, send me a message.

It's going to be fun.  

See you then,   



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