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This Meetup group is for men and women in and around the Kansas City area who are interested in socializing and making new acquaintances and friendships in social settings. Our main objective is to meet new friends and enjoy fun events together. It's been a lot of fun so far! If you'd like to join but feel nervous about not knowing anyone in the group, either Christine, Jan, John, one of the Event Hosts or I'll (Jeff) be there to make sure you feel comfortable and welcome. The Co-organizers and Event Organizers of this group are fantastic people and as far as I'm concerned the best we could possibly have to make this all work so well.  Our group is diverse, we enjoy welcoming new members at our events and we always welcome your ideas and feedback.

Some things we like to do include happy hours, live events, live music, festivals and fairs, adult board game nights, painting parties, ball games, hockey games, car races, dancing, going to wineries and socializing. We also have an annual Christmas Party.

Some of our goals are to have a minimum of one event per week, listen to all ideas from the group,  welcome all people who attend each event the way we were welcomed our first time attending, make good friends and most of all just have FUN. 

We understand schedules change and conflicts occur, but if you sign up for an event and cannot attend, we appreciate you changing your RSVP as early as possible. This allows others an opportunity to attend. 

WAYS TO  GET DROPPED FROM THE GROUP  - We strive to make all our events safe, fun and drama free for all members. Any of the actions listed below will be dealt with promptly

*We strive to have our members engaged and active, therefore any new member to the group that has not attended any events withing the first 3 months of joining the group may be removed from the group. If anyone is removed for this reason they are welcome to rejoin if they are prepared to come to any events. 

*Be respectful to all other members. No criticizing or fighting with other group members.

*No illegal or harassment activity.  

*No intimidation of other group members. 

*Any actions showing disrespect or disregard for any of our venues, members homes, venue staff, venue property. 

* Bullying of Group members will not be tolerated & is grounds for immediate removal from the group & banned from reapplying for membership reinstatement. 

*Removal from the group must be a unanimous decision from the leadership team. 

We reserve the right to remove any member for any of the reasons listed above using our discretion. While we would prefer to never remove anyone from the group we will not hesitate to do so if we deem that anyone is doing anything to damage the groups reputation or any of the group members at our events. There are many other groups in the area that are available if a member is removed from this group. We will usually talk with you first if we have concerns but that may not always be the case depending on the circumstances. 

While dating may occur within the group we sincerely request that when someone says no that means no. This group is not designed specifically for dating. 

This group will only accept advertising messages and solicitations for outside products or services with the approval of the group Organizer. 

Members that have not accessed the group website in more than one year may be removed. This is to keep our membership to the group somewhat current and if any member is removed for this reason they are welcome to rejoin. 

Let's be friends! Thanks for considering joining our group!


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