Love at First Dance -Lesson, Practice & BFF Latin Party.

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Hello and thank you for checking out my meetup group. I personally look forward to meeting you at one of my events. 

This group is for you, if you enjoy Latin rhythms but have never danced, always wanted to learn to dance, or wants to refresh your dance abilities in a social setting. 

Our dance meetup offers beginner to advance level of dance steps, combinations, routines, techniques and shines, with a structure for those who can only drop-in or for those who wants to progress faster with our four weeks programs.  Everyone is welcomed with a Smile!

You will learn from experiences and skilled instuctors in a friendly environment with no pressure, while building a community of new friends and dancers.  

 Learn: Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, Kizomba, Merengue, Rumba, Swing, Rueda de Casino, Tango and more.

There are many benefits that comes from learning more than one dance at a time. Working knowledge of each dance transfers over to the others making your learning experience easier and faster as you continue to learn more dance styles and dance steps, plus it helps you to demonstrate a good interpretation of the the dances that you love most and dance them with more confident and poise.

Plus over time students will gain the Benefits of the following and lots more. 

1.  Health & Exercise.

2.  Entertainment & Relaxation.

3.  Challenging your Brain and Physical Abilities

4.  Getting More Fun and Enjoyment out of Life.

5.  Becoming more Popular.

6.  Impressing a Particular Person or Persons.

7.  Learning for a Special Event or Wedding.

8.  Leading with Class & Dignity for Men.

9.  Following with Grace & Poise for Women.

10. Getting over Self-Consciousness and Developing more Self-Confidence.

11. Meeting new People and Making New Friends.

12. Developing Ease & Assurance on the dance floor.

13. Developing Good Posture

14. Accomplishing a New Skill

15. Adding more Excitement and Enjoying more variety of music and dance

16. Developing a Deeper Connection with your partner, be more Intimate

17. Feeling more Valued and Respected

18. Developing more Trust, Tolerance and Patience

19. Learn to feel, be and look more Sexy

Classes will be taught and managed by myself, Hazelyn (Maria) Paul with assistance from other professional teachers. I am a professional Latin and Ballroom dance instructor with over 17 years experience. My passion for dance and teaching dance have taught me how to empower couples and individuals using the art of dance, and the skills and techniques to make my students look and dance to the best of their individual abilities while keeping my lessons fun and exciting. Dance creates an energy of happiness amongst each other.

I take a lot of pride in watching the transformation and excitement of my students as they learn, grow and enjoy their new world of "dance".
Besos Maria


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