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London, United Kingdom
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Interested in Hip Hop or Street Dance?
Currently a Beginner?
Not sure how or where to start?
Want somewhere to dance, have fun and not be judged?

Welcome To Boomdiggidy - The Coolest & Most Fun Street Dance Class In The UK!

Our dance classes are designed to retrain your body and mind through challenging routines, great music and fun energy.

• Learn effectively fast (as impossible as it may seem) 
• Enjoy dancing to the latest music and learning the latest dance moves
• Share good vibes and feel happier
• Get fit and stay fit automatically
• Gain greater physical and mental control 
• Train and significantly improve your coordination, memory skills and other brain functions 
• Feel confident and attractive 
• Learn dance moves that you can keep for life and take anywhere you go 
• Join a community of fun, like-minded people 
• Boost your self-esteem and increase your positivity levels

We help people at all stages of their dance journey develop their confidence and physical well being.
Think of it as Fitness meets Fun!

Come dance with us for an hour and make some friends in the process. After class we generally go out for a coffee and a chat, so feel free to hang with us!

We know how intimidating classes can be. After all, we were once in that position before too! Don't worry, we make it a point to ensure you feel comfortable and have fun.

Our classes place emphasis on musicality, dynamics, quality of movement and performance, whilst motivating students in a friendly environment.

From the warm up which consists of a variety of social dance grooves, to the fun and challenging class choreographies. Each song is carefully selected to enable students to focus on musical understanding, body awareness, confidence and clear, precise executions of movement to enhance their abilities in dance.

We encourage all students to find their inner grooves and emotions whilst exploring the rhythms and lyrics of the music. And most importantly, to enjoy themselves in the process!

If you come with an open mind, a passion to improve and the desire to learn something more about yourself, then you will benefit physically, mentally and artistically as a student and dancer in our classes.

We guarantee you'll enjoy it. And if you don't, we'll refund your class money.
The risk is completely on us.

So join us as we share our good vibes, humour and ways of moving that are sure to make you fall in love with dance!


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