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New to Ireland!

Inner Dance is for people who are ready to dive deep, let go and surrender to the flow of the Infinite Intelligence that flows through all of us.

It was created by Pi Villeraza, from the Philippines, after a deep awakening. He had literally walked away from everything for 4 years. For 2 years of that, he was in solitude on an island living off coconuts and bananas. From this awakening he developed this process to assist others in awakening to deeper truths of who they are.

What is Inner Dance?

It is a Sacred Sound & Sensory Healing Journey designed to assist people to drop into a space of Trust, Surrender and Flow. Depending on participants ability to let go, they enter a deep meditative state enabling a profound sense of expanded awareness from which;

1) Deep healings (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) can occur,

2) People’s own energies begin to flow, which sometimes can manifest as involuntary movement (hence the term Inner Dance).

When you are "being" the Inner Dance, you are living in flow and living a life of manifestation and synchronicity. This is the reason we do it, to come into alignment with ourselves and live authentic, meaningful lives, not only for ourselves, but for our communities and planet! 

What does it look like?

In a safe and sacred space, using music (corresponding to specific brainwaves), and other sensory experiences including intuitive touch, sound and smell, we are assisted to drop into a deep space of trust and allowing. Everyone's experience is different. It begins with lying down on the mat and the body might remain still the entire process, with internal movements such as visual images, emotions moving through, or others might be moved from within and surrender with the energy. The Inner Dance process helps us peel away the layers of our conditioned mental limitations. 

Join us in these unique experiences. Come with an open heart and journey into the remembrance of your true self through heightened inner awareness of body, mind and emotion as Energy. Be a witness to the stories, old patterns, misguided beliefs and stuck emotions you hold within your body or just simply allow whatever release wants to happen.

''In total silence, it’s that river that flows from the cosmos and into your heart. It was dancing from the higher self, and I was simply watching it move to the flow of the universe.''
- Pi Villaraza, founder of Global Inner Dance Movement. 

Your Facilitator

Ciara a transpersonal therapist, trained with the founder, Pi Villaraza, in the Philippines in March 2014. She introduced the practice to Thailand and ran regular groups in the Mindfulness Based Recover Community she worked in for 2 years. It fast became one of the most popular activities on the program there. Ciara also had the opportunity to co-facilitate with Pi in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. She has now returned to live in Cork, Ireland and is excited about sharing this transformative practice here to all who are open to it.

“Inner dance was a complete revelation, it reconnected me with my body. It definitely awoke something very deep, primal and beautiful in me. I want to continue to explore it more. This couldn’t have happened without your amazing facilitation skills and your gift to feel things. Thank you for bringing me light ♥”
- A. Belgium, Oct 2014, New Life Foundation in Thailand

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