San Diego Dance Class for Singles

San Diego, United States
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This is a dance class especially for San Diegan single people
who like to Dance. Instructor Dan Gibbons has been teaching
Ballroom Latin and Swing for over 20 years, his lighthearted
approach makes learning to dance and making new friends fun and
easy. Dan teaches 3 steps in 2 dances each week and the dances are
chosen by request. The class has a drop in format and is held every
Wednsday eve. at 8pm The Cost is $12 each class or a 10 class card
for $100. Beginners are welcome and the level is Beginning to
Intermediate. The first few classes are the most challenging then
after a few classes some of the steps become a review as you learn
the language. No one is born knowing the steps and we are not
expected to be, the class will teach you the skills to be able to
take the floor with confidence and grace and make new friends in
the process. I know you have heard it before, but its true, the
first few steps are the hardest. We all have been there. Beginners
are encouraged as we rotate partners so there is nothing to fear
and alot to gain. Give it a try you will have fun. Dances covered
are Waltz Tango Foxtrot Rumba Cha Swing Hustle Nightclub Salsa We
all hope to see YOU Wednsday night at 8pm Yours truly Daning


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