Pathways to Fun for the 40 +

Freedom, United States
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We are looking for light hearted, fun loving +40's folks that enjoy a wide variety of activities wanting to broaden their friendship circle. As we go down life's path things change as we do and how great it is to share time with people that like some of the things you like. We will be exploring the outdoors, new restaurants or old ones, happy hours, dancing, concerts, bowling, biking, free things and not so free. All ideas are welcome, if you want to host an event we encourage your involvement. There are no bad ideas, just some are better than others. This is your Meetup and together we make it a fun and successful group.

Our group is for singles, couples, married folks, divorced, widowed or anyone that wants to join us for fun down the path of life. It is not a dating site, it is a socializing group to get to know new people and broaden our circle of friendship.  There are plenty of groups for women only, singles only, couples only, kayaking only, hiking only, you get the idea! So why can't we combine it all together to be a group that enjoys similar things and just have a great time having fun? So sign up and join in down our Pathways to Fun.... The only one holding you back is YOU!

To join our group you must use your real name and a picture of yourself so we know who you are when attending an event.

Remember Get Up! Get Out! Get Going! and Let's Meetup! Stella

PS please do not solicit our members, contact them with unwarranted emails, ask for money.  Also if you want to get to know someone attend an event they are going to and ask them if you can send them a message. I do tell members to report unwanted contacting to headquarters of Meetup for the person to be removed.  


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