Yoga Trance Dance South Florida

Delray Beach, United States
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This group is for you if you belong to any of the following categories: Love to Dance! Live to Dance! Love Free Form Creative Movement! Love a Good Dance Party! Love Expressive Dancing! Love Free Style Dancing! Love Barefoot Dancing! Enjoy Dancing as Meditation. Want to Take Your Yoga Practice to a Deeper Level. Enjoy Moving Meditation. Experience Dance as an Expression of the Divine.

The basic format is free style dancing with some guided movement. Your Trance Dance Guide will encourage you to dig deep into the depths of your being and to allow the Dance to be an expression of your authentic Self.  Dee Greenberg began leading Yoga Trance Dance in 2006. She has been teaching yoga professionally since 2003. Her true passion is the merging of yoga and dance as the ultimate spiritual practice.

This group is for newcomers - those who have never been involved in Trance Dance and would like to get their feet wet and test the water. This group is for people who want more spontaneous good times in their lives. This group is for seasoned Trance Dancers, Ecstatic Dancers and Barefoot Dancers. Ultimately we come together with love in our hearts to create community with like minded friends. We dance in a welcoming, open, accepting, non-judgmental environment. No previous dance experience required. Everyone is a dancer and everyone has rhythm. Please come and explore with us. 

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